Welcome to BlackBoard Chicago


To be better men for ourselves, our families and our community. In doing so, we set standards for leadership, connection, and purpose.


We envision a world in which Black Men are:

  • Working collaboratively as leaders for positive change.
  • Having open discourse, maintaining open minds, and respecting perspectives that we may not agree with.
  • Contributing their skills and talents to create and synthesize opportunities that strengthen and synthesize the Black community.
  • Illustrating the power to innovate, educate and heal.
  • Taking a stand to change the world through authenticity, love and positive intent.

Why BlackBoard?

We have a two-pronged take on the meaning of BlackBoard:

  1. We are Black Men who serve as an informal board of directors for other Black Men. We have similar interests and goals. We are committed to a thriving Black community – our true stakeholders to whom we are accountable. We come together to assess progress and plan for the future. We invest and expect dividends for our efforts.
  2. We represent the tenets of a traditional classroom blackboard. We are strong like the slate they are created from. We mirror a blackboard’s created purpose to be a visible surface for displaying ideas, promoting education, and facilitating dialogue. We believe that great innovations have often occurred through exchanges captured on a blackboard.

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